computational robotics

from tasks to motions


CSC 113: Introduction to Computer Programming Fall 2011--2015
CSC 212: Theory of Computing Spring 2012--2015
CSC 223: Object-Oriented Programming Fall 2014, 2015
CSC/EE 576: Introduction to Robotics Fall 2011, Spring 2014
CSC 542: Artificial Intelligence Spring 2011, 2013, 2015

Course Materials

Check out the lecture notes, programming assignments, and support code for the robotics course. If you are an instructor and are interested in the material, send an email to plaku/AT/ to obtain the LaTeX source files for the lecture notes as well as solutions to programming assignments and additional code to enhance the lectures.

Senior Design

Senior design is a two-semester course where senior undergraduate students work closely with a faculty member on a senior-design project, which provides the students with research experience. If you are a junior or a senior student and are interested in doing your senior-design project in Robotics or Artificial Intelligence contact me so that we can discuss possible projects and set up a research plan. Check out the senior design page for information on past senior-design projects.